Open source web fonts let designers drastically change their page structures and typographic styles. As you most likely are aware font icons are a standard in website architecture nowadays for a long arrangement of points of interest: they are anything but difficult to utilize, they are lighter than utilizing images, being vectors they can be scaled at any size as are suitable to use in Retina shows, and so forth. On the off chance that you are searching for some Bootstrap icon you should keep perusing in light of the fact that in this article I’ve assembled a list of Bootstrap 4 icons like Font Awesome(FA), Glyphicon, Entypo and more.

Incorporating these icons in your Bootstrap undertaking is extremely simple: you should simply download the bundle, add the documents to your venture, incorporate the CSS record and start utilizing the picked icons in your HTML.

In this post, for each icon set, I have set a short portrayal.

There are additionally different ways (further developed) of utilizing these sort of icons that you can learn in their documentation whenever intrigued.

1000+ Awesome Bootstrap Icons Set For Better Web Design

Since a huge amount of alternatives have risen as well known options among Web designers, we’ve made this concise rundown of 10 Bootstrap Icons Set For Better Web Design.

In the event that we missed your top pick, if it’s not too much trouble share it with us in the remarks beneath!


So, let us begin.

1. Bootstrap 4 Icons List

MDBootstrap is loaded with cutting edge highlights and changes. By utilization of this, you can spare your valuable time.

MDBootstrap represents material plan for bootstrap. Or then again in straightforward word, a form of bootstrap that enlivened with Material Designs.

They have many wonderful segments, formats, livelinesss, impacts and aides. Everything is completely responsive, perfect with various programs and it is anything but difficult to utilize.

As should be obvious there are 1514 Awesome Free Icons in the rundown. You can straightforwardly duplicate this and use it for your tasks.

Bootstrap icon list


2. Bootstrap Icons

These all are the smooth, basic and alluring icon plan. The plan of these icon are the unadulterated result from the master in UI structure.

The natural and all inclusive idea is utilized for the icon creation which makes the icon basic and insignificant in plan.

The icon is flexible for any sizes. It can fit both huge just as little sizes, making ideal for UI/UX designer. Icon have been upgraded for smooth looks and goals.

Bootstrap icon

The icons are accessible for advancement of sites and portable applications. Client can download the icons from the material icon library in SVG or PNG formats.

On the off chance that client need to download entire arrangements of icon, at that point they can visit the GitHub archive of material structure icons.


3. Bootstrap 4 Font Awesome FA Icons list

In a solitary accumulation, Bootstrap Font Awesome(FA) is a pictographic language of web-related activities with icons. Textual style Awesome is totally free for business use. You can look at the permit too.

They are Designed without any preparation to be completely perfect with Bootstrap.

The beneficial thing is it has Easily style symbol shading, size, shadow, and anything that is conceivable with CSS. Text style Awesome backings IE7.

Bootstrap icon Font Awesome

Textual style Awesome symbols are vectors, which mean they’re beautiful on high-goals shows. It won’t entangle screen perusers, in contrast to other symbol textual styles.

You can use the bootstrap icons use fa like .fa-glass for glass, .fa-music for music icon and more.


4. Mfglabs Iconset

One of the more up to date fonts in this rundown originates from MFG Labs with their own icon set. It’s totally free and facilitated on GitHub for the world to get to.

Every icon comes stuffed with standard webfont configurations utilizing Unicode PUAs in CSS. This is also completely semantic in all programs and diminishes conflicts against different CSS code.

MFG Labs icons also have an interesting style that stands apart from the group. I completely prescribe this icon font for a site, business or something else.

Mfglabs Bootstrap icon


5. Font Awesome

The first web font and Bootstrap own decision, Font Awesome(FA) is maybe the authoritative pick for most website specialists for the icons.

Font Awesome has been around for a considerable length of time and it’s broadly viewed as the principal significant open source icon font.

It also habitually gets new updates with crisp icons and as of now it’s in v4.7 with a free download on GitHub.

Font awesome

Each icon is also completely versatile and viable straightforwardly in CSS. You can also change hues, shadows, foundation slopes, or practically whatever else utilizing unadulterated CSS3.


6. Bootstrap 4 Open Font Icons List

This is an open source icon set with 223 stamps in SVG, webfont and raster designs. It has Ready-to-utilize fonts and templates that work with your preferred systems. Open Iconic intends to be intelligible down to 8 pixels. In case you’re not prepared for Iconic (yet), this is the following best stop.

Open Iconic will consistently be free and open and magnificent. It’s also mind boggling exactly how little Open Iconic is.

Our icon font WOFF is 12.4Kb (about multiple times littler than Font Awesome).

 Bootstrap 4 Open Font Icons List


7. Octicons

GitHub as of late publicly released their very own icon pack called Octicons. This free icon set is right now in form 5.0 and incorporates many icons with some fundamental images.

These icons also can be discovered dispersed all through the GitHub site. However, they’re sufficiently basic that they can deal with essentially any interface.

In the event that you need a basic, lightweight icon font then Octicons won’t let you down.



8. Bootstrap Glyphicon Icon

Bootstrap Glyphicon is a library of exactly arranged monochromatic icon and images, made with an accentuation to effortlessness and simple direction.

They also are icon fonts which you can use in your web ventures. Glyphicons Halflings are not free and require permitting, anyway their maker has made them accessible for Bootstrap tasks free of expense.

Bootstrap Glyphicon are essentially little images, icon, or pictograms (whatever you like to call them) that you can use in a website page.

They’re executed in Bootstrap as an icon font — a custom font that contains these glyphs rather than letters.

 Bootstrap Glyphicon Icon

In case you’re making a site dependent on Bootstrap 3.3.7, you as of now approach each of the 260 glyphs in the Glyphicons 1.9 set.


9. Typicons Free Icons

With rounded corners and more straightforward frameworks, the Typicons set is ideal for any site. It also accompanies 330+ exceptional icons all with a comparable style.

The pack is totally free and furthermore accessible on GitHub. This implies you can incorporate the icons legitimately into your site and even make alters to them as required.


Barely any individuals think about Typicons yet it’s one of the better icon web fonts accessible.

They can also work for iOS with some minor changes and uncommon code bits.


10. Entypo Bootstrap icons

The webfont icon family Entypo has been around for many years. These icons are also sublime and they’re best in class with regards to complimentary gifts. This is different from the Bootstrap Glyphicon Icon.

New icons includes sporadically and they’re exceptionally easy to get to. The fonts likewise split into two packs: the principle pack and the social pack.

So on the off chance that you needn’t bother with social media icons you can decrease the font record size by a considerable amount.


Entypo accompanies more than 400 icons and a splendid CC sharealike permit. Also to study establishment and tweaking the icons you should peruse the FAQ page and visit the principle GitHub repo.



The majority of the above fonts are amazing and worth a look, particularly in case you’re anticipating grasping responsive structure and supporting higher goals screens like the Retina show. Also, utilizing icon fonts empowers designers to rapidly alter the size, shading and shadow of their icons on the fly — sparing huge amounts of time when changes must be made and subtleties refined. Your toolbox is just restricted to what you can accomplish with CSS.

It’s hard picking only ten icon fonts in light of the fact that such a significant number of new ones appears each year. In any case, these are my top picks and on the off chance that you prescribe any others make certain to partake in the remarks beneath.

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